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IPS Teams with Bede Gaming to Create Slotmob

Bede Gaming, a provider of digital platforms, has begun to work together with Intellectual Property and Software (IPS) in order to bring a brand new casino to the World Wide Web. This will be a website that is built completely upon Bede Gaming’s own in-house platform. This new service, called “Slotmob,” will have a full suite of online slots games from a variety of different developers, including industry powerhouses such as IGT and Microgaming.

Slotmob at a Glance

Bede-GamingBede Gaming and IPS will be able to bring its customers access to the latest and most popular online casino games, including titanic titles such as “Game of Thrones” and “Cleopatra II”. In addition to that, the new service will have some incredibly tantalizing bonus offers, such as a free £500 bonus simply for making a deposit for the first time.

Some of the Benefits of Going with Slotmob

onlinecasinocenter-net_slotmobSlotmob is going to be complementing Intellectual Property and Software’s already well developed network of online casinos, which includes slots sites such as Slotto and BetUK and their bingo oriented ones like CrazyBingo and BingoStars. IPS hopes that Slotmob will allow players to get access to those super popular casino games that everyone loves to play without having to go through the hassle that can be common with other online casinos along with giving them an incentive to play more often by giving out great bonuses. It’s built to work on a variety of platforms quickly and efficiently.

Down the Line

One other great thing about Slotmob’s functionality is that it was built with the future in mind. They’ll easily be able to make it expand and grow as needed in the future to meet the ever changing demands of the online casino industry and continue to be a top of the line service.

Microgaming Games Review – Big Chef

Leading gaming software firm, Microgaming, announced the release of one of its most eagerly anticipated slots – Big Chef in May. As the title suggests, the theme is centred on a fine dining experience at a classic French restaurant.

Across the various reels, you will see a display of yummy dishes put up by none other than Big Chef. There is a smooth and gentle soundtrack backing the game and host of brilliant features that make Big Chef a winner even before the first set of drinks on the menu are served.

big-chef by Microgaming

The slot

The 5×3 reel slot has fifteen permanent paylines. Players can choose to ply with as low as 0.15/spin. You can choose to play for significantly more too. So the slot is perfect for both smaller bankroll holders and those equipped with larger wallets.

The basic game has a fresh new feature-free spins. Players can trigger a single free spin each time they get one Cloche Scatter character on reel 5. This means the players constantly get the chance of a free win spin all through the basic game.

In addition to this, the game also features more detailed free spin rounds. If you land three (or more) scatters on the reels, you can unlock ten free spins plus a 2x multiplier.


Rising wilds

In both free spins as well as base-game free spins, players have the chance to enjoy the excitement of the Rising Wilds. Upon landing a Stove Wild on rows two or three across reels, the wild expands, covering the reels and giving you even greater opportunities to win. In the base-game free spins, players get an additional free spin upon landing this feature.

The jackpot offers up to 75,000 coins making Big Chef one of the most exciting Microgaming slots among fans this summer.

Ladbrokes Launches New Mobile Casino Application

The casino division of British bookmaker Ladbrokes launched its mobile casino option with great fanfare earlier this month which has already been downloaded by the growing tribe of online gamblers more than 30,000 times. This mobile casino application that was developed for iOS have amazing graphics, download faster and have a smooth gameplay which has increased its popularity among online gamers. To make their promotions personalized, notifications are being given to players on the basis of their gaming preferences, play behavior and purchases. This strategy will ensure that regular players stay with the website and do not get overwhelmed by irrelevant promotions and offers.

Features of the new mobile Ladbrokes Mobile App


This new casino application has attractive graphics, quicker downloads and allows easy navigation so players can enjoy this gaming experience which will be unlike any other online casino available in the market. For players addicted to card games the application now offers 250 card games and casino tables in a realistic atmosphere. All its online games including the slot machines are powered by software firm Playtech which has provided software to a large number of online casino firms. The new power application will be available to both iOS and Android gamers. While previous Ladbrokes casino games were available on iPoker Apps, the new mobile client is downloadable only from Appstore or as apk. The latest Android version of Ladbrokes poker replaces the older application and adds a few new features to it which is available to only customers in England and Ireland.

Games offered in new Ladbrokes Mobile App

The latest version of Ladbrokes Android App can also be downloaded by players outside these locations but they will have limited scope to play. One can play poker with real money on this application which is available as native Apps and is the first one to accept deposits via Paypal within United Kingdom.

Online Gaming Faces Continued Outcries

Despite the massive presence of online gaming all over the world, there is still a considerable amount of resistance to the emerging technology in a number of circles. Proof of this lack of support can be seen in the lingering desires of lawmakers to keep online gaming out of their districts. A lawmaker in Utah is attempting to limit the spread of online gaming by introducing a bill that would reinstate a federal ban on gaming of this kind. The aim of the legislation is to reverse the decision that had already been made publicly by the Department of Justice.

play online gameWhere the Power Resides

Republican representatives feel just as strongly on the issue. Congressman Jason Chaffetz strongly on the subject. has made statements that condemned earlier decisions on the matter, implying that the broad implications of decisions related to online gaming should not be left to small groups of attorneys. Instead, the lawmakers fighting to reverse the laws in place claim that such laws should be made by Congress. These groups of resistance are releasing few specifics concerning the proposed changes to the public. They are only willing to make statements regarding their confidence in seeing changes in their favor when it comes to the legality of making online wagers that result in monetary gains or loss.

Owners Taking Sides

The groups fighting against the legality of online gaming have also noted that such websites and applications were geared specifically towards children who are not of legal gambling age. It is not just democratic representatives that are getting behind legislation such as this. Many Las Vegas tycoons and casino owners are taking a stand that opposes online gaming. Among the most recognized names is the chairman of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, representative Sheldon Adelson. He believes that investing heavily in online gaming resources is a bad business venture for casino operators to pursue.

Is Online Gambling Better in Canada than in the US

There have been talks of online gambling options to be better in Canada than the US. However, is this comparison fair? It is and going by the statistics, it is not wrong.

Online gaming laws – the differences

Online gambling laws

In Canada or rather Canadians can play online games all over the world with much ease than their US counter parts. Even if the gaming company is operated by a non-Canadian, there are no problem whatsoever for Canadians to play at those sites. The federal laws of the Canadian government are lax about online gambling sites. However, such is not the case in the US.

In the US, since the past eight years, stringent laws regarding foreign-operated online gaming sites are in place. As per this law, no American bank can now allow any transaction related to online gambling not regulated by the government. This has rather removed all fun for the Americans as far as the online gambling scene is concerned. This also meant that all major online gambling businesses quit the American market as it was no longer viable. Now only small online businesses are available for Americans and that too are under the watchful eyes of the US government.

Similar laws – but Canadians are way ahead

Even where the gambling laws are same in both the countries, Canada is still way ahead in going forward with regularising the laws for its online gaming industry. The country is making it possible for its regions to opt for greater regularising of the online gambling but not all states are going for it. In such cases players have the option to gamble at sites that are regulated by their government.

In the US, the state by state regulations are happening but at a slower pace. So by far, the online gambling scene is definitely better in Canada than in the US.

CEO of Las Vegas Sands Opposes Mobile Casinos in United States

Sheldon Adelson, the CEO of Las Vegas Sands Casinos, spoke to the Global Gaming Exposition over the past few days. His speed was the headline of the event. He chose this moment to reiterate that he was firmly against the legality of online and mobile casinos in the United States.

The 81 year old billionaire spoke about the dangers of mobile casinos, claiming that it would put the risk of excessive gambling at an overload. Adelson has a long career of opposing online gambling, having spent millions of dollars in lobbying against any potential legality. His lobby efforts work on both a national and state basis.

Sheldon Adelson

This is a man who ranks in the top 15 of Forbes’ Richest Men in the World list. He has a net worth of $30 billion. His speed drew parallels between the legality of online casinos and the legalization of marijuana. “They are both gateway drugs,” he said. “There is no justification for having mobile casinos,” he added.

Many questions were put to Adelson, with the topics ranging from online casinos to Atlantic City’s recent struggles to the ever expanding VIP gambling circuit in Macau.

There are other prominent businessmen who agree with Adelson about online and mobile casinos. The chairman of Wynn resorts is a good friend of Adelson’s. He recently voiced his support for the Las Vegas Sands CEO’s anti-online gambling initiatives.

“The people who will suffer the most because of online gambling are children and the less fortunate. Putting an entire casino in a computer or smartphone means that anyone in our country could begin gambling. The possibility of teenagers getting hooked on gambling would be a thousand times greater,” he said.

He concluded with this sentence: “I do not believe there is any reason to put an entire casino in the hands of more than 300 million people.”

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