Online Gaming Faces Continued Outcries

Despite the massive presence of online gaming all over the world, there is still a considerable amount of resistance to the emerging technology in a number of circles. Proof of this lack of support can be seen in the lingering desires of lawmakers to keep online gaming out of their districts. A lawmaker in Utah is attempting to limit the spread of online gaming by introducing a bill that would reinstate a federal ban on gaming of this kind. The aim of the legislation is to reverse the decision that had already been made publicly by the Department of Justice.

play online gameWhere the Power Resides

Republican representatives feel just as strongly on the issue. Congressman Jason Chaffetz strongly on the subject. has made statements that condemned earlier decisions on the matter, implying that the broad implications of decisions related to online gaming should not be left to small groups of attorneys. Instead, the lawmakers fighting to reverse the laws in place claim that such laws should be made by Congress. These groups of resistance are releasing few specifics concerning the proposed changes to the public. They are only willing to make statements regarding their confidence in seeing changes in their favor when it comes to the legality of making online wagers that result in monetary gains or loss.

Owners Taking Sides

The groups fighting against the legality of online gaming have also noted that such websites and applications were geared specifically towards children who are not of legal gambling age. It is not just democratic representatives that are getting behind legislation such as this. Many Las Vegas tycoons and casino owners are taking a stand that opposes online gaming. Among the most recognized names is the chairman of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, representative Sheldon Adelson. He believes that investing heavily in online gaming resources is a bad business venture for casino operators to pursue.