Is Online Gambling Better in Canada than in the US

There have been talks of online gambling options to be better in Canada than the US. However, is this comparison fair? It is and going by the statistics, it is not wrong.

Online gaming laws – the differences

Online gambling laws

In Canada or rather Canadians can play online games all over the world with much ease than their US counter parts. Even if the gaming company is operated by a non-Canadian, there are no problem whatsoever for Canadians to play at those sites. The federal laws of the Canadian government are lax about online gambling sites. However, such is not the case in the US.

In the US, since the past eight years, stringent laws regarding foreign-operated online gaming sites are in place. As per this law, no American bank can now allow any transaction related to online gambling not regulated by the government. This has rather removed all fun for the Americans as far as the online gambling scene is concerned. This also meant that all major online gambling businesses quit the American market as it was no longer viable. Now only small online businesses are available for Americans and that too are under the watchful eyes of the US government.

Similar laws – but Canadians are way ahead

Even where the gambling laws are same in both the countries, Canada is still way ahead in going forward with regularising the laws for its online gaming industry. The country is making it possible for its regions to opt for greater regularising of the online gambling but not all states are going for it. In such cases players have the option to gamble at sites that are regulated by their government.

In the US, the state by state regulations are happening but at a slower pace. So by far, the online gambling scene is definitely better in Canada than in the US.